Dog Training Essentials:

Jumping & Counter Surfing Workshop

Learn how to stop and prevent your dog's jumping or counter surfing!

Does your dog jump on you or other people? Do they grab food or items off your countertops? Our Dog Training Essentials: Jumping & Counter Surfing workshop is for you!

This workshop includes a LIVE one hour virtual small-group session with Cathy Madson, a certified dog trainer and behavior consultant. In these live sessions, you'll get your specific jumping and counter surfing questions answered and personalized troubleshooting tips for your dog's training.

With lifetime access to curriculum, videos, and training tips for a variety of lifestyles, you'll get the dog training help you need.

  • Teach your dog what to do instead of jumping up
  • Learn how to set up your home environment to prevent jumping or counter surfing from happening
  • Teach your dog how to greet people politely
  • Avoid common mistakes that encourage jumping
  • Find out why your dog is jumping up on people in the first place
  • Learn about why it's important to address your dog's counter surfing in order to keep them safe and healthy
jack russell terrier jumping up while walking next to owner

What people have to say...

"I think what you are offering is amazing, and Cathy is just fabulous. I took a basic training class with my pup, but I'm learning so much more."

— Lisa, Workshop Attendee

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Training Essentials: Jumping & Counter Surfing

Learn how to stop your dog's jumping or counter surfing quickly and effectively

This self-paced workshop will help you address your dog's jumping and counter surfing behaviors, both of which can not only be annoying, but dangerous as well!

This workshop includes a LIVE virtual small-group session with a certified dog trainer so you receive personalized advice, feedback, and training support.